Monday, May 17, 2010

Color Week~ Red

pillow cover from istanbul

vintage dish towel, bon-bons= danger

rare & beautiful red trillium

tik tak polka in red vinyl

For more Color Week photos, visit Curious Girl and wander down her side-bar blog roll.


  1. haha! i love that dishtowel! and the red vinyl..haven't seen one of those in years. beautiful.

  2. Ooo - you did both! The red vinyl is fabulous!

  3. haha, danger! and the red trillium...swoon...there are pinks along the trail where I run, i have never seen a red, thank you.

  4. Love the trilium and the dishtowel! Both your pinks and reds are lovely. Happy to have found your lovely blog. (The link to my photos is on Curious Girl's site).


  5. These are all gorgeous but that vintage suitcase with cat and the Istanbul glitter are my favourites - something very glamorous about them!

  6. your trillium is so chocolaty...and that clear red vinyl 45 is just too cool for words! love your whole collection.


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