Saturday, March 20, 2010

Soft And Sentimental

It was a day to be soft and sentimental. It was a day I came upon some one unexpectedly; a boy from my past; now a man. I found myself leaning into the familiarity of his voice as he spoke, a voice I'd barely heard in 20 years. But it was the same and he was the same, only wiser and happier with slightly less hair.

He told me I still had my sharp wit. I don't remember having such wit when we knew each other well. But I felt a softness come over me from being recognized and remembered. A validation I did not look for of having mattered to some one in my youth. A youth I have, in large part, turned away from.

It is precisely that youth I am in need of now. Daring and openness and a lover of love, minus the anger and angst. I was tempted in the periphery of my awareness to spend 3 hours talking to him, remembering our bright years of friendship. I did not sway with that temptation, but instead went on my way before the conversation pulled any emotional strings. It was enough to hear the refrains of Genesis, Styx and Journey without digging the albums out of the box.

In this constant forward motion of my life, it was a pleasant surprise to look back. Even just a little. It was a reminder to bring the best of the past along with me as fuel for the bright years ahead.


  1. Anonymous3/20/2010

    Just a hint of what once was, and who we once were is a lovely reminder of just how dynamic we can be. Some old music and memories of people have come back to me recently that has reminded me of how open I was and I know that it is still in me.
    Everyone is an important reminder of any possibility.

  2. oh, genesis, styx and journey....just those names bring back memories! it is good to look into the memories someone else has of us, like a mirror that we may never have peeked into before...but always best as you said, to look to what lies ahead...

  3. Oh Graciel I know exactly what you mean. Love those moments, memories, feelings and even smells that come to your mind when you are in the present of a spirit from the 'past'. Gladd to hear you had such a wonderful time beautiful soul.
    Hugs Dagmar

  4. It sounds as though your meeting had many gifts for you. Lovely that you carry them on as you walk each moment of your life. Your photo is lovely.

  5. Yesterday I reconnected with people I last saw 45 years ago, in the summer of 1965 while I was working a summer job in Ocala, FL. Some of them were still in high school, and some had just graduated. They were a rock band who called themselves The Posmen. I had a few years' experience on them and taught them all I could about being entertainers. A year later they were the Royal Guardsmen and had a #2 hit record ("Snoopy vs The Red Baron"). Yesterday's contat with two of them confirmed that I was indeed a valued friend and mentor to them. I can't describe how affirming it was to hear that.

  6. old photos of myself make me feel this way - why, i wasn't so bad, i think, why was i so hard on myself? you too? how wonderful to wander upon someone who knew you then and recognized your wit and remembered a you you'd forgotten, or perhaps never knew was there. a new memory to keep.


  7. oh wow, this post really speaks to me. nostalgia is my very favorite emotion. this is just beautiful.

  8. What a delicious experience!


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