Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gratitude Comes Floating In

Things feel simple and complicated all at once. I feel nervous and strangely assured. Gratitude comes floating in and anchors me in the moment. All is well and all will be well and things will come in right order.

Sunshine filters in, lulling the winter-worn cats. Dinner is served at noon on Monday with raspberry cobbler, and German music, from regions up north, coloring the conversation of family, making me wish I was there and here. But no, right now; here.

Canada geese pierce the sky, flying low, flying north, heading for swamps and stop overs. Blackbirds arrive and vultures are coming and sparrows defend the invisible nest.

Sunshine filters in, melting dim and crusty snow, ushering dreams of peonies and pink lemonade. Babylon moves forward; my Love is tired and safe. The string between our tin can phones grows shorter.

Gratitude. Pleasing, refreshing, satisfying gratitude. Floating in, filtering in, melting my nerves away.


  1. Lovely poem, Graciel...thanks for the peace it brings.

  2. Lovely lovely images and words. And here's to that string getting even shorter. :)


  3. that was beautiful, love the images.

  4. I love the abstract quality of these photos...on second look, they're so grounding. Lovely!


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