Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Choose To Be Happy

To be certain,
not everything in my world is perfect.

Not even close.

Yet, I have no desire
to look over the list
of things that need improving.

I think it's a long list.

But, shits are no longer given for that list.

I may even dare to shred it.

At the very least, I will dance on it
or use it to light a fire.

There is no room right now to be
unhappy or anything less than satisfied.

Everything I need is at hand,
whether I can see it or not.

Happiness makes needful things visible.

I choose to be happy.


  1. dance on it - warm a room with the fire you begin with it - everything you need IS at hand, in your heart, in your fingertips typing your words. happiness comes when bidden, and i cannot believe i just wrote that, not thinking brings a lesson for me.

    let the dancing begin!!!


  2. Wise choice, Graciel. :-) It is our choice to make whether to be happy or miserable. I'd much rather be happy.

  3. Yes, I so agree, I have been working on much the same thing in my life these days! Lovely post...

  4. Brava! And so nicely put. Our choices are the only things we have any true semblance of control over aren't they? And I'm so with you on this... I reckon choosing to be happy is a great way to go - no point really in the alternative. I'm not happy every second of every day yet but I am more happy than not and I think that's entirely a matter of choice... a choice that has to be made every day :)

  5. What you are returns to you.


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