Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hold It, Quivering

There are risks that need to be taken.

Cautions must be thrown to the wind.

Dreams need solid foundations.

Solid foundations need bravery and work.

Forget the years of struggle.

Yes, yes, you wouldn't be
who you are without them.

But let the struggles go.

Open your palms.

Cup them.

Let light and passion soak into
the skin of your holy grail.

Let rare beauty find you.

Let it find you at last.

Hold it, quivering.

Hold it, palms open.

It is not more than you can handle.

My God. My God.

It is what you deserve.


  1. We can be so scared of all the goodness we deserve, all the goodness we've created for ourselves. I speak from my own experience, not quite believing it sometimes, afraid to be too happy, afraid it is a cruel joke by the Universe. But I am much better - lately I say yes & just let it rain down on me.


  2. "Let light and passion soak into
    the skin of your holy grail."

    This just blew me away, so true, so beautiful, and yes, so what you deserve.

  3. beautiful and deeply heartfelt words. Thank you, I needed to hear them.

  4. Anonymous3/31/2010


    SO powerful!!!

    Go for it!

  5. yes, our birthright.
    Powerful post~

  6. Great strong words my friend. Love the flower.
    Hold them tenderly in your soft hands. Hugs Dagmar

  7. You make me want to go for it!


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