Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Heart Lily

I am about to ruin your plans. Your time management. Your regularly scheduled bedtime. Mine was ruined yesterday by my dear friend, Lisa. I love her and hate her. You are going to feel the same way about me.

You see, there is a black bear named Lily who gave birth to a cub less than 2 months ago. She and baby 'Hope' are hibernating in a winter den. In that den is a camera. That camera, the 'Lily Den Cam', let's you peek in on the snuggled life of 2 magnificent creatures and makes you privy to all the gurgles and chortles and whines. Day or night. When you see a mini bear paw waving at you on the camera or see a mini bear face peek over the side of its sleeping mother, you will be ruined, like me, for further productivity. You will become enthralled. Obsessed. Infatuated. You will even join the Lily fan club on Face Book and not feel the least bit insane.

Finish what you were doing. Then go here to be ruined in the most wonderful way...

{Lily photos courtesy of}


  1. NO, I LOVE this!! I usually put up an eagle's nest with a camera once mating season begins and it's baby eaglets 24/7. I LOVE this kind of stuff!! Muchas gracias!


  2. OH, cool! So glad to have you ruin my day!

  3. Will I.... Oh what the heck I'm sick and got all the time of the world right now. I'll check the little bearcub out.
    Bye's Dagmar

  4. that is so cool...I love bears, had a great face to face with one once...
    I will definitely be watching this one!

  5. I consider myself warned. I'm going...I'm going...


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