Sunday, March 28, 2010

if i were...

if i were a month i'd be May in full bloom,
if i were a day i’d be autumn equinox,
if i were a time of day i’d be both dawn and dusk,
if i were a font i’d be courier,
if i were a sea animal i’d be a dolphin,
if i were a direction i’d be west,
if i were a piece of furniture i’d be
 an Amish rocker,
if i were a liquid i’d be raspberry juice,
if i were a gemstone i’d be rose quartz,
if i were a tree i’d be cherry,
if i were a tool i’d be a swiss army knife,
if i were a flower i’d be an orange-colored rose,
if i were an element of weather i’d be
 thunder and lightning,
if i were a musical instrument i’d be a mandolin,
if i were a color i’d be cerulean blue,
if i were an emotion i’d be bliss,
if i were a fruit i’d be a red raspberry,
if i were a sound i’d be
 the song of the Baltimore oriole,
if i were an element i’d be rain,
if i were a car i’d be a '68 Camaro~
hot blue with white bumblebee nose stripe,
if i were a food i’d be goat cheese with honey,
if i were a place i’d be the Alaskan rain forest,
if i were material i’d be goat's beard shatoosh,
if i were a taste i’d be pumpkin gelato,
if i were a scent i’d be rose petal tea,
if i were a body part i’d be a very clear eye,
if i were a song i’d be Ripple,
if i were a bird i’d be a red bellied woodpecker,
if i were a gift i’d be a kiss and a hug,
if i were a city i’d be Berlin,
if i were a door i’d be a dutch door~
 top swung open to the sun,
if i were a pair of shoes i’d be hiking boots,
if i were a poem i would be this:

"But yield who will to their separation,
my object in living is to unite,
my avocation and my vocation
as my two eyes make one in sight.

Only where love and need are one,
and the work is play for mortal stakes,
is the deed ever really done
for heaven and the future's sakes."
Robert Frost

This moment of self indulgence was inspired by Debi over at Emmatree.
 If you'd like to play along, I'd love to find out what you'd be.


  1. Nothing like a little Grateful Dead on a Sunday morning. I couldn't stop smiling.

    You are happy, mem'sahib, I can tell - bliss & raspberry juice & a mandolin that makes me want to rent that movie - Captain Corelli's Mandolin - just so I can fantasize about preparing a meal at that outdoor table. And of course, this poem. Of course.


  2. Anonymous3/28/2010

    Self indulgence? I view it as just the opposite. It is an outward directed awareness, acknowledgement, and appreciation of many, many wonderful things life has to offer. I think it is a beautiful, thought-provoking post.

  3. i could have gone for rose quartz as well and i love the bit about goat cheese with honey.

    glad you played along! :-) it's deeper than it looks, don't you think?

  4. Anonymous3/28/2010

    if i lived in Buffalo
    i would want to be a friend of yours
    if i had a blog
    i would want to be able to string together words as gracefully as you do
    if i were a homeless animal
    i would want to be found by you

    I look forward to reading your blog every day, Graciel. I'm usually not much of a commenter (is that a word?), but i wanted you to know that you inspire me. Thank you,

  5. Oh I would be orange roses also! And if a city I think Vienna - my favorite. Should we call you a frog whisperer now? The animal kingdom is lucky to have you... and so are we - just lovely posts.

  6. So full of colors and flavors and scents, reading that was like walking through Spring. I posted mine today, I was also a dolphin.
    Ripple is one of my favorite all-time songs and fit perfectly with the little vignette of you that you just allowed us to see...

  7. Thank you all for such sweet and lovely responses. I bow to each of you.

    And Cathy, you can be my friend even if you don't live in Buffalo. :)

  8. I really enjoyed reading this Graciel. Very definitely you shining through on this one. Made me smile. :-)

  9. Oh how lovely Graciel. And the blossom to accomplish all the words....sigh. Just does it for me.
    Hugs Dagmar


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