Monday, June 15, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #9

Blue skies, sunshine, gentle breeze. Perfection.
Inspired by: the sweetness and peace of ordinary moments.
I watched them from the stoop. The stoop I have spent my entire life sitting on. The one at the back of my parent's house. I watched the comings and goings of squirrels and voles, of grackles and goldfinches, of robins and wrens. Sparrows feeding babies in 2nd story hollows, chickadees snatching seeds and zipping away, and the joy bird sipping nectar with invisible wings. Then came King Cardinal and his buff-colored Queen. The favorite sight from the stoop.
Amid birds calls and breezes from my spot on the stoop, chatter could be heard from behind. In the kitchen, the ladies conversed while dipping chicken in eggs and breadcrumbs, while making dressing and whipping the cream. The chatter was soothing and familiar, if not quite completely understood. Plattduetsch, the dialect of northern Germany and part of the Netherlands, has been the background noise of my life.
Along with the song of the wren, I let the song of their words wrap me in an imaginary shawl of silk. Someday, the chatter will cease and the cream will no longer be whipped in that kitchen by those 3 women. And I will pull tight the imaginary shawl of their words. I will remember the taste of the cream from the bowl that, of course, had to match the place mats. I will remember the exquisite blue sky and the cool of the steps of the stoop and the privileged evening of the sweet and the peace found in ordinary moments.
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  1. "Blue skies, sunshine, gentle breeze. Perfection."
    Oh, I am so glad you shared this with me. Your photographs and words are so inviting.
    ; )
    PS; Yum!

  2. Beautiful! "I let the song of their words wrap me in an imaginary shawl of silk" I LOVE that image. Inspired indeed. :)

  3. Anonymous6/15/2009

    It is wonderful that you are realizing in the present moment that you will miss these things. They will be all the more graciously cared for in your sentimental heart, and in some way preserved.

  4. Plattdeutsch is also spoken by my dad and me still whenever we're on the phone. So I hear you. Do you still have pie on sunday too. This is a typical German tradition. And that's why my dad is so large...;-) I'm gladd he can't read this....

  5. The simple pleasures in life are absolutely the best! Thanks for the reminder.


  6. "pull tight the imaginary shawl of their words"

    I think I already am doing that. Very moving and very well-written, Graciel.

    Hope you are having a good week. :)


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