Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #11

Some of my most influential friends are books!
Inspired by: Caroline Myss and Clarissa Pinkola Estes.
There is a shift going on in the Universe. Do you feel it? I certainly do. Maybe the shift is only happening in my internal Universe, but I think it is mirroring a larger one. One you may be feeling as well. Shifts are notoriously uncomfortable. They require movement into new ways of being. They require letting go of the worn out, the habitual, the clenched fists of fear. They require new information and the bravery to apply it. They require willingness to experience more profound levels of life.
I am willing. And the Universe responded with clues and prompts and magnetic instincts that drew me back to women I have known before. Caroline Myss and her bestseller, Anatomy of the Spirit, has been on my bookshelf for many years. I've skim-read it many times, but now, as I am prompted to ramp up my personal power, her energy medicine model of the 7 centers of spiritual and physical power in the human body has me reading and crimping pages from its start to finish. Ms. Myss has helped me understand and embrace my sticking-point 3rd chakra. So for now, it's all about the yellow as I seek to be more grounded and self assured.
The other woman, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, lived on my bookshelf in 1995. I loaned my skimmed version of Women Who Run With The Wolves to God-knows-who. It was never returned. In the Adirondack Mountains last week, I claimed her back. As well, a short time before, I had purchased the next Myss book, Sacred Contracts~awakening your divine potential. Here's the awesome Universal clue to my shift. Both books are about archetypes and their personal application for self empowerment.
Lord knows, if I am meant to experience a more profound and succulent life, I must embrace and reveal my inner wild woman. I must allow myself to run with the wolves. I tell you truly, my soul is begging for that permission. If I make the choice to express my divine potential, to live out loud my inner call to service, I would be wise to consider the archetypes that Myss lays out in Sacred Contracts and understand how the ones that apply to me can be used to bring more light to the world. 12 archetypes, Myss says, are the foundations of our beingness and behaviors. I am especially drawn to understanding my shadow archetypes of the "saboteur" and the "wounded child". In soothing these archetypal energies within me, I stand a good chance of finally releasing the behavior patterns that hold me down and keep me small.
So I read. And takes notes and crease pages and let the words of women more wise than me draw me up to my higher potentials. I am uncomfortable. But from the kneeling position, surrounded by words, I am blessed and grateful and most definitely inspired.
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  1. I have that book, Anatomy of Spirit and I have never really read through it. I must!!!!!!
    "So for now, it's all about the yellow" I am thinking that's where I have to so some work too:)

  2. I have all those books. And, speaking of synchronicity (we are, aren't we?), a couple of days ago I picked up Women Who Run with the Wolves and opened it to Clear Water Nourishing the Creative Life. WOW! I've polluted my river. I'm right there with you. Let's continue this quest...

  3. Anonymous6/29/2009

    I see what you mean, Graciel! It must be the lake creating a psychic connection! :)

  4. I have all 3 of these books as well and am working my way through them too. It's going to be hard work, but really - we don't have a choice do we?? If we have truly felt that shift in the/our Universe, then we're awake enough to know the possibilities that lay ahead and will never be satisfied if we don't try.

    Peace & Courage -

  5. Shelagh, Jeanne, Christine, Kathy~ I could not ask for better company during the shift to higher potentials. Love and peace to you all! xo

  6. Inspiring post! How amazing that we are able to tap into the wisdom of others through reading. I'm grateful for it every day!

    Discomfort usually signals growth to me... :)

  7. women authors are our friends through their words... lovely, inspiring post...

  8. I was so impressed by Sacred Contracts I studied with Caroline Myss at CMED and become certified as a Sacred Contract Consultant. Facing the shadow of the Wounded Child and the Saboteur is important, but more important is to follow their light. Archetypal language is used all around us. Listen. Hollywood thrives on archetypes. It's fun to keep your eye out for them and it makes it easier to recognize your own archetypes. Have you looked at Entering the Castle by Myss? Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Hello Graciel! I'm catching up this weekend and introducing myself to fellow fish. Your writing is so amazingly beautiful, fresh, invigorating, and inspiring. I'm drawn in and will be back often. Have you made the connection for yourself with your sticking-point third chakra - yellow, grounded, self assured and the yellowthroat warbler? I have chills. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself in your work. You are truly inspiring.


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