Monday, June 08, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #8

Inspired by: the beauty and spirit of new, little things. Welcome, Arabian baby. I just love your sand-colored suit and the bold, white star on your forehead. My sleepy town of Mayberry is so much sweeter since you arrived.
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  1. Lucky you, to have access to these darlings. I love horses, and must drive ten miles north to get my hands on their noses!!! Ginger lives up the road from my mother. We stop in the fall to give her apples and carrots since the children were really small.

    On the train to NY, we traveled through the Hudson Valley, and horses roam around on some of the larger farms, so large in fact that the horses appear to be still my beating heart. They are simply gorgeous to watch out there.

    Hey, next time you could join us. We took the train from Depew! Is that near you??


  2. Such a cutie! Great photos!


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