Friday, June 12, 2009

Message of Love

At 5:30am, just before turning on the shower, I heard it. A thud on the kitchen counter, the clanging twirl of a glass being pushed by small, black paws and the satisfying crash of glass hitting the floor. Blue shards everywhere and a smile on my face. Thank you, Black Prince of fun and destruction. Thank you for bearing the message of good fortune and hope. For, you see, every time glass shatters around me, good news awaits and a piece of my unnecessary-to-hold-on-to-past is let go.
After a shattering, my senses are heightened. I am wide-eyed on the look out for clues as to what transition is occurring in my life. The answers are usually spread out over days. Today, my first clue arrived on the phone. "The cancer tumors have shrunk", said my Mother. The chemotherapy is working. Her liver, site of the secondary tumors, is now on the path to becoming a candidate for a 5 hour operation to remove and ablate the offensive cells. Hopes are high, patience is needed, and fingers are crossed.
But more than that, I have work to do. This is what I am doing. I am picturing my Mother as healthy. I am visualizing removing her liver into my hands and scrubbing it clean. I am visualizing bathing her liver in the pink light of love and returning it to her completely healed. As well, the parade of healing flowers will not cease. Nor will my daily, steadfast support in whatever way she needs. A window of opportunity has opened. It's time to be strong and fly through.
I await the next clues. Let them come. Come more good news, more letting go. Come love, come love, come love.
And so, in turn, I offer a message of hope to you. If you or someone you love or someone you know needs healing, picture yourself or them as healed. Do not be squeamish. Visualize scrubbing clean the place within that needs to be healed. Most importantly, send love to that place and love to the whole person. Bathe them in pink light or picture yourself holding them tight and sending loving energy from your heart directly into theirs.
It is the energy of love that is the supreme healer of all God's creations. Use the love bottled up within you to make a difference. Visualize your love and positive intentions flowing out of you and into the person in need. Visualize more love flowing back into you to fill your well. It is your overflow of loving energy that you give. Give as often as instinct advises. No matter what, truly, no matter what the love you share in your visualizations will make a difference.


  1. Oh dear Graciel, you've got me soaking in tears. How wonderful breaking glass gives you messages like this. Be focused and tell us all about the news that will follow please.

    I'll do just like you've told me, sending all my love to my best friends friend. She's been diagnosed with breastcancer last week. And she just had to give up her mom 8 months ago. So I know she'll need love desperate.
    Thanks for teaching me how to do it. And guess what, it's floating already no hard work to do here.

    Hugs from me to you from the bottom of my heart. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your mom.

  2. Anonymous6/13/2009

    OH Schmoo! This news makes my heart soar! I have no doubts, you have a been a powerful instrument in ushering this healing energy. And the procession of flowers is awesome. It is a proven fact, flowers make the heart lighter and the emotions tempered. You are the angel your Mom needs.
    I love you. I love my Aunt Elke!
    Kisses and bear hugs to you both!!

    PS my word verification is hangon!!

  3. Letting go and healing - beautiful and powerful!

    I answered your five questions today Graciel and had such fun doing it. One or two of the answers that popped out weren't what I might have expected but they felt true. I love when that happens. Thank you!

  4. The more of your blog I read, the more I realize we have in common. My husband has kidney cancer and this is the perfect message for me today. I will, indeed, practice your visualization and know that your post touched me. I also love that you are aware of the messages coming your way. Thank the Universe for communion.

  5. Anonymous6/15/2009

    I will do this for my mother in law. thank you and i send you good wishes and prayers for your mother.

  6. I'm glad to hear the hopeful news, Graciel. Sending positive thoughts and energy in her (and your) direction. Hugs to you.

  7. I'm so glad to hear the happy news. I loved how it all began with the shattering of glass. I always used to think of that as a bad thing but after reading this, I'll never see it the same way again.


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