Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Again and again and again, it is the simple pleasures in my life that keep my head and heart above water. The soft and gentle song of the Baltimore Oriole at 7am. A whirlwind of maple seeds spiraling into my lap. Sweet, fragrant bells of lily-of-the-valley. My ever-soothing rose petal tea. Belly laughs and tears, over lunch, with my dearest Kasia Blue. German berry strudel. Time to read.
Big events in life are not what are sustaining. They don't come often enough. It is the little events, the whispers of sweetness and fleeting beautiful things, that sustain the will to go on. That keep me engaged and looking forward to the next simple pleasure. As long as I notice them and appreciate them, the little events will come. Again and again and again.
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  1. susan@80O5/28/2008

    Spring-defining pictures and lovely words to accompany them to the dance of life. :)

  2. Thank you for reminding me of what makes my days so memorable - the little things that tear at the heart and stay there, to be remembered years from now.

  3. well today I went to richmond to
    pick up all these parcels and
    your wish box arrived!!!



    and i wrote wishes on that
    lovely paper you included and
    now i am sitting back and waiting
    for them to grow:)

    thank you!!!!

    i will write you this evening:)

    gorgeous tea cup you have there
    with the pretty flowers...

  4. perfectly timed perspective for me, on the fact that the big events don't come around often enough to be sustaining, it's the little ones that keep us going... your rose tea and lilies of the valley look enchanting

  5. Again and again I find the most wonderful insights posted here! So I wanted to let you know that have mentioned this post on my own blog with a link here. As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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