Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Timeless Day

Today I live without clocks. Today I care not for time. My time pieces are either taken off walls, turned around or covered up. Because I am exhausted from rushing, rushing, rushing through my days and my life. Rushing to meet expectations and obligations. Rushing to be somewhere I am not. Rushing to please all others but myself.

Enough, I say.
Today I exist in my own time. I eat, sleep, create, speak or not when I wish to. Let the sky be my clock. Let my heart lead the way from one intrigue to the next. Let me be simple. Let me lie on the floor and stare at nothing. Let me rest in the freedom of no time at all.
Today I live without clocks. Today I surrender all effort. Today I live.


  1. susan@80o5/07/2008

    Perfect post.

  2. I am reading your posts today, I have just found your blog, and you just seem to be saying all the things i was looking to hear. Beautiful.


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