Monday, May 26, 2008

Buried Treasure

With impressive strength of will, I refrained from bounding out of bed yesterday and heading straight to the Sunday Flea Sale. Instead, I obeyed the sensible, and at times annoying, voice within and agreed to clean my art studio before adding to my pile of useful junk. To my surprise, the arduous task of paring down my wares turned into a treasure hunt.
I am a proponent of the purge. Clearing clutter to make way for a new, more refined energy. Out with stagnation, in with the flow. Except when it has come to my art studio. Disorganized piles have ruled the day in my supposed sacred, creative space. But later than sooner, there is no choice in the matter. Later than sooner, creativity grinds to a halt when key elements go missing under debris. And so, recycle bin and trash bag in hand, I began to unbury the space.
What I reclaimed from my personal land of the lost was glorious buried treasure. 2 art magazines I had coveted and searched (almost) everywhere for, photos of loved ones I had forgotten about and a package of semi-precious stone hearts. These treasures have invoked new ideas and new directions for my art. My uncluttered space feels so much happier. So much lighter. So much more welcoming.
My adventure of clearing and purging reminded me how the same concept is true for my inner environment as well as my outer environment. If I dare to purge the fears that plague me by sifting through them, examining them and finally deciding to choose not to live with them anymore, what is revealed within me is nothing less than buried treasure.
New levels of confidence lay under the debris of fear. New, more positive attitudes, new eyes for opportunities, new levels of love for myself and others all lie under the judgements, the gripes, the shutting myself away. Sooner than later, or later than sooner, it makes no difference, the morning arrives when the buried treasure of the human heart is ready to be revealed. On those mornings, I am made more happy, more light and more able to welcome the world.
{Treasure chest is a stock image.}


  1. Graciel~
    I know what you mean! How very freeing and lovely it is to declutter. I usually find my way back to clutter though, justifying here and there. But a good chuck and sort is like nature's clears the mind and heart.
    Okay, you have sufficiently inspired me!!! I am off to do the same. Enjoy your day!!

  2. I am thinking of the "world" as it is today and how it seems to be swirling fast fast around a whirlpool of bad vibes. One calamity after another in as far off places as can be imagined.

    Could it be that that all these calamities are brought about by toxic clutter brought about by collective thoughts of hate and envy and hopelessness as well as apathy?

    How liberating it definitely feels to let go of things in the home that no longer serve for anything; moreso, objects that no longer represent value.

    Perhaps our world too as a whole needs a de-cluttering of toxic vibes. If only one nation after another would get hold of a rubbish bin and slowly sort through its pile of outdated beliefs, prejudices and muck, then a new environment..a world concept of embracing the beautiful differences we have will finally uncover the buried treasure of peace this planet seemed to have lost... a long long time ago.

  3. My Dear Prism~

    YES!!! A thousand times, YES! Perfectly said. So true.

    Now..what to do? Begin with ourselves and let the toxin-free vibes ripple outward.

    Blessings to you on the other side of the world. :)

  4. I'm back! To let you know that yes, when I cleared out some clutter today, it did wonders for the INSIDE. I do believe it is a reflection of mental/emotional clutter, and I am no longer willing to hold onto it. You have started something here...its snowballing!
    Thanks for that.


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