Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Perfect Moments

I am blessed with perfect moments. Short spans of time and no time that come upon me suddenly and leave kisses of grace on my heart. These moments are brief. These moments are unexpected. But the beauty and fullness of fleeting, perfect flashes lies in my fairly new ability to recognize them. I'm quite sure I've been privy to these moments my whole life, but the effort I've put into opening my heart has cleansed my lens of awareness, and recognition is now swift.
4 days ago, I found myself crouching on a public restroom floor, new silk skirt splayed across the questionably clean tiles, rubbing my Mom's calf while she endured a mind-bending leg cramp. In those moments of pain and wincing and crouching, I experienced a peace that flooded my heart. In those moments, we had no past together, my Mom and me. We had no issues. No roles. No differences. What we had was each other. What we had was an intimate span of moments where I knew I would do anything for her. At any time. It was a perfect experience. A perfect moment.
3 days ago, I found myself sitting on a living room floor in Rochester, New York with7 good friends. Food and wine and the animated conversations of 6 spiritual Souls filled the room to the roof. Everyone had so much to say. I sat for a time and simply listened. The joy in camaraderie was palpable. The energy and enthusiasm to connect and share was infectious. I glowed in my own silence, watching and catching snippets of less-than-ordinary conversations. Somewhere in the midst of it, I was awash with peace and gratitude at being part of the gathering. My short-lived silence put me inside the vacuum of love created by happy hearts. It was exquisite. It was warm. It was perfect.
This morning, I was unexpectedly presented with 4 peanut butter cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting. The cupcakes came with a short speech from my dear friend, Sue, the Confection Contessa. Sue made and gave the cupcakes to thank me for writing my blog. Imagine that. Being thanked with decadence for expressing myself. As I squeezed her and told her she is one of the reasons I keep writing, I knew it was another perfect moment. I felt more kisses of grace on my heart.
If I am breathing, every moment is precious. Every moment is important. Even the darkest ones. But in questing to open my heart, there are now moments where God steps in, quiets my mind, and awakens my Soul to receive. These are the perfect moments.


  1. Your words brought tears to my eyes with a memory of a similar experience. Just a few days before my mother died, I held her while her heart was in a vise grip of pain. We looked into each others eyes until the pain left and shared a deep connection and an exquisite moment of love.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful perfect moments.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. Isn't it extraordinary that we can find such moments of peace and beauty in the everyday? THank you for this reminder that there is so much to appreciate and be grateful for.

  3. you made me cry ~ i love how
    you capture beauty in the
    quiet spaces...

  4. Found you on Maryam's, but I also know that girl up there!!! (Mads)

    If this post is an example of a cupcake award winning piece of writing, then I have no doubts you are in for a triple layer cake soon.

    Glad I popped in here. You are one eloquent writer.

  5. I come here and read several times a week but I don't leave a comment at each post. Though every one of your posts are comment worthy I often find myself quieted by what you write and don't have any words left for writing comments. Your posts remind me of all that is beautiful and good in my own life and I leave here feeling more serene and centered. Thank you


I always appreciate the time you take to comment on my blog. Thank you for stopping by. Peace from my heart to yours. xo, Graciel