Monday, May 05, 2008

Heaven On Earth


  1. Thanks so much for responding to my meme tag! It was lovely to get a little glimpse into your "real" life. You mentioned the far away man you love and I wanted to wish you luck with that. I know how hard (but wonderful) a long distance relationship can be. I met my husband on line. He lived in California & I lived in Missouri. We spent two years practically living on our computers as a way to be close to eachother before we finally got married.

    It's funny that you mentioned one of the things you want to accomplish is to have a book published. When you posted your entry about your prayer boxes (beautiful by the way) I thought to myself that what I really wish you'd sell was a booklet of the lovely writing you post here in your journal. It would be wonderful to have a small collection of your writing to read in the woods, or when I'm preparing to meditate. I doubt I'm the only one that would buy something like that, either handmade by you (like lovely altered art books with your writings included) or a traditionally published book. Handmade would be ideal of course but also very time consuming for you but there are places on line such as or where you can create your own books. Cafepress also allows you to create your own paperbacks very cheaply, though I don't think they print in color. Maybe you could consider self publishing until you can find a mainstream publisher to do it for you. Sorry to run on, but ever since I began reading here I've thought how great it would be to have a book of your writings.

  2. barryweber5/12/2008

    The time is rapidly approaching for you to compile these pieces into a book, which I will immediately order 5 copies of- 4 as gifts, and 1 for myself.

    Do it.


  3. barryweber5/12/2008

    I hadn't read the first comment (above, from flamingogirl) before I wrote my own.

    See? It's synchronicity!

  4. When I first looked I thought it was a dogwood blossom. What is that flower?


  5. Dear Ed,

    The blooms are the glorious wild Trillium. They arrive mysteriously at the end of April in wooded lots and quickly disappear about 2 weeks later.

    Thanks for your interest!


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