Sunday, May 18, 2008

Berlin On My Mind

I am longing for Berlin. I am longing for the creative verve, the self-revival energy, the tamed and untamed aspects of a European city in flux and forward movement. I am longing for Berlin because 2 years ago my inner spirit woke up in that city. My soul was sparked, my mind was lit, my heart was home.
Today, my inner spirit is tired. Too much work and shards of small grief have worn me down. I'm not fond of being worn down. I prefer to be lit from within by wonder and discovery. I prefer to feel rested and ready to welcome the gifts of each day. I prefer the pulse of creative verve in my veins.
What I am in the midst of is a shift. Effort in one direction has ended. The pause has arrived. Possibilities are floating into view, but I'm too tired to act on them. For the moment. Flowers and birdsong, decorating magazines and blogs, blue scarves and cupcakes all call my attention and remind me...the energy of Berlin will come back to me. Rest a few days, eat well, drink water and the self-revival will rise. Rest, and the spark will be lit. Rest, give energy and love back to myself and my heart will feel at home.
For you who are overwhelmed by work or grief or the uncertainty of having to let go of the known, rest. Stop the effort. Drink fresh water. Eat fruit. Sit down. Allow the pause. Sleep. Your energy will come back. Your enthusiasm will come back. Your heart will find its joy and its home.
{My favorite window display in West Berlin, 2006}


  1. Anonymous5/24/2008

    Hi, this is the first time I'm visiting your blog and your words are heartening. But, you're probably going to be upset about how I knew about this site, I'm not entirely sure. I first came across your exact text, even image(s), at this blog. Out of curiosity, I googled one of the sentences and managed to land on your blog, and realised that you are the true author of those beautiful words. Not her.

    Perhaps you'd like to let her know (tag, comment, etc.) or perhaps, you'd like to leave it as it is. It's really up to you :) but I thought as the owner of these text, you should have the right to know.

  2. Thank you for the heads-up. I appreciate it. This is not the first time some one has claimed my writing as their own, nor will it be the last, I feel.


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