Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pick The Dream

Dreams can come true. But first, you must pick the dream. Choose which of your dreams to focus on. Hold the image of the dream's best outcome in your mind. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it some more. Upgrade the dream as you see fit and are able to accept a higher level of goodness into your heart. Take any small action you can to promote your dream. Every ounce of energy directed at a favorable outcome will fertilize the dream. While you are holding and upgrading and acting on behalf of your chosen dream, have patience. Be fearless. Be willing to persevere.
If you can hold on long enough, your prayers will be heard. Assistance from the most unlikely realms will arrive. Lessons will occur to remove all obstacles from your path. Do not resist the lessons. Move through them. Be humble. Keep the image of the best outcome in your mind, even if things turn dark.
The light will come again. In that new, more vibrant light, you will be better able to receive the goodness in store for you. With self-imposed impediments removed from your waking life, like a resistance to love or wealth, your dream can be ushered in on silvered wings.
So hold it. Hold it. Hold it some more. Keep the image clear. Act. Pray. Go on with your life. And be prepared to wake up one morning to find you are living your dream.
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  1. Bad Faery6/01/2008

    Sometimes you find posts exactly when you need them:)
    Thank you!

  2. I believe you even though sometimes I feel the dream I ream is far too elusive...yet I know what you say is true...

    I long for the day when I wake up and find my dream has come true..

    ps: your very interesting word verification says: "nnmmg" if it too agrees :>

  3. It sounds like you may have picked the dream, Graciel...:)


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