Monday, June 09, 2008

Before The Bird Can Fly

The shell must break before the bird can fly. And just what is the shell? It is the ego. And all its limitations. I won't, I can't, how dare you, I'm better than you, I suck, you suck, we're not safe, can you believe what she's wearing, Jesus is the only way, I'll never forgive you, I hate stupid people...all hard-shell thoughts, notions and blind beliefs. All effective at keeping us small and hard and incapable of living a glorious life.

When the sledge hammer comes into our lives to crack the shell, be it in the form of illness, death, loss, new ways of thinking or seeming bad luck, we must let the hammer fall. Only the shell of the ego will sustain damage. The winged creature inside all of us, imprisoned by old thoughts and unsupportive habits, will emerge unscathed. Wet and ready to spread its wings open to the light of a new day. Ready to live. Ready to fly. Ready to be, finally, what it and we are meant to be.
{The beautiful collage print of a bird emerging from its shell is from the online store: I just bought it today!}

Update: June 12th. The lovely Brenda left a comment for this post. Thank you, Brenda! This is my response~

Only the ego has fears...not the soul-essence, the winged creature inside us. When we are in touch with and conscious of that part of God that is us, we cease to live in a state of fear. We accept change, we flow with life, we know without a doubt we are taken care of in every moment. We live in a state of grounded love, not fear.

But the ego in all of us defends mightily against its dissolution. It convinces us we are never safe, never good enough, never quite loveable enough. It is wrong. But it takes courage of great magnitude to override its propganda and let our soul essence, our-fully-connected-to-God self, be the part of ourselves in charge of our lives.

It is my not-always-successful moment by moment quest to live in a state of love, not fear. Each moment I can do this is worthy of a full-scale celebration. :)


  1. i am designing my wings to fly
    as we speak:0

    and i love your beautiful new
    piece from etsy...:)

  2. This post has given me a lot to think about. I know all about the limitations that can keep us all from being the best we can be ... but I hadn't thought that the root cause was EGO. Okay, that's not EXACTLY true. But, I thought the main cause was actually FEAR. Fear of change, fear someone is better or I'm not worthy, fear that the rules I base my life upon are changing (ie., religious beliefs, world view, etc.). Maybe fear and ego go hand-in-hand?

  3. The dream I am afraid might not come asked me...

    "I dream of a school..that looks like a little ranch house....with lace curtains and rabbits in the garden...and little children doing water color paintings.."

    i hope my shell of I can't will break..

  4. My how times have changed.

  5. im going to come back daily just to see what you write


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