Saturday, June 28, 2008

Perfection Is Hell

Sometimes things stop working. Sometimes limits are reached. Sometimes hearts are shadowed, dishes pile up and six different weeds dare to emerge in the garden by the door.
So what, I say. So what. Perfection is hell, anyways.
Let chaos reign.
Let moods be dark.
Let raindrops feed the weeds.
Put on the sinister smile and buy outrageously priced fruit. Eat one sweet pluck of redness at a time. Take off those pinching shoes and walk backwards through the grass. Shout at the hidden sun until a rainbow mists forth. Take in, take off, take charge.
Sometimes things stop working. Let them stop. Resist not. Chaos merges to order. Darkness morphs to light. In the weeds, the glorious weeds, the healing balm does grow.


  1. Anonymous6/28/2008

    It has been a long time.
    I just wanted you to know that I read some of your blog that I have been missing for the past couple of months and it has inspired me, given me a sense of belongingness, in fact.
    I've stopped drinking. I have been through a short-lived relationship, a very tranformational one, though. I am now currently in therapy and I have been attending meditation twice a week. Next, yoga!
    What this has all brought to me is a really deep sense who I am and where i'm coming from. It is not just the rational thought of it, it is the raw emotion of it. I'm feeling! I have been looking very deeply and have been embroiled in so much emotion which, here and now, has really revealed itself as an incredibly low self-esteem. I'm feeling it at full capacity and really realize that I MUST in order to heal it and transform it. I would say I am feeling like shit, but in a hopeful way!
    So, stopping is a good thing to do, and frequently. Stop and listen to yourself, ask yourself questions and let the answers come to you. It isn't chaos, but an inner peace that is really happening. Sit with it and let it be.


  2. I am so happy to hear from you, Dearest E. I'm proud of you as well. Feeling like shit on the way to betterment...I understand completley. :)

    Much love to you.

  3. I'm going to take off my shoes and walk backwards right now! What a wonderful suggestion - and just thinking about it lifts any darkness and brings in sunshine.

    Thank you for writing this.

  4. Judging by this post, it seems like you've been to my home lately! Dishes piled by the sink, weeds rising over the planned plantings. It's not ever easy watching chaos reign ... and yet that, too, is part of life.

  5. susan@80O7/01/2008

    Your first and last words: "Sometimes grow" pretty much sums up the message for me, because sometimes one just cannot grow. Sometimes I am just mired in the muck, for whatever reason. Beautiful blog, baby.


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