Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Week of Moths and Rainbows

Let it be known, the Universe speaks to us, comforts us and bolsters us constantly. At times the signs and whispers are subtle, at times loud, at times glorious and consistent until we understand the message. The message is perpetual: we are loved no matter what.
For the past week, the Universe has been speaking to me. It's voice has been cloaked in colors and frantically fluttering wings. Each day, I have been witness to no less than one rainbow and the saviour to one moth.
The rainbows have been mere splotches in the sky, stitched in and out of clouds, or hand-on-hips full arching watercolor wonders. They have been faint, flaming, violet-edged or full spectrum roy.g.biv. Each one found me at the end of the day and reminded me of a promise. The promise that beauty exists in the storm. That joy comes. That God is ever-present. That grace is given.
The moths were another tale, another message, another reminder. Each night little brown wings haves been trapped in my stairwell. As I would light the lamp outside my door the moth-of-the-moment would earnestly fly out of hiding and dance between me and the light. After much concentration and effort, the moth would find itself in my cupped hands, descending stairs and finally released into the dusk. It's request for freedom granted.
And the message over and over again? I am not trapped. There is a way out. Ask for what I need. Do not be afraid. Freedom is at hand. Love will carry me to the door and set me free..when oh when oh when I calm down, ask and trust the loving heart of God.
Beauty. Joy. Freedom. Grace. Love. Moths and Rainbows. Light. If you need any of it, just ask. The Universe will answer until the message is clear.
{The moth is a stock photo, the rainbow is mine.}


  1. Yes, I can surely identify with your words Graciel...especially "when oh when oh when I calm down, ask and trust the loving heart of God."

    I wonder to myself..."how often do I need to go through this process of falling into fear and then calming down and "remembering" before I understand and know that I'm always safe and secure.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Very well said, Graciel. The calmness and the security of knowing that all is taken care of is so difficult for us to just accept without question, and yet, is so easily granted to us if we allow it to be.

  3. Graciel
    YOu are poetic and insightful as usual. This blog is a breath of fresh air. xo
    BTW, you WON my draw! I would love it if you picked a print from my shop, email me your addy, and I'll pop it in the mail for you.
    Thanks for playing, love ya!!!

  4. Hello Graciel! :) I've tagged you! Please stop by when you have time at www.dancingwithdaisy.blogspot.com
    to pick up your Arte y Pico award.

    Happy Fourth of July to you and yours!

  5. Hi Graciel!
    I fixed my email address. It was still showing the temporary one. My permanent address is now up, incase you need it.
    I will email you later today, or if you get this and have time, get one off to me with your address...that would be great.
    Thanks Graciel!!!

  6. Confidence...

    your writing is what confidence, true, real, authentic confidence is all about.

    To be unsure yet sure that moments would unfold divinely and all dots would connect eventually...

    It feels good to be reminded.


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