Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Girl Power

Time and again, it is my girlfriends who save me from myself. It is my girlfriends who know just what to say or not to say, who encourage me, who hold my hand during the scary parts, who pump my brain full of laughter endorphins. Always and again, I am blessed by and indebted to the women in my life who call me their friend.
From the Sisterhood Of The Flowing Skirts who got Wicked with me two days ago, ate Buffalo's original chicken wings at the Anchor Bar, and meditated on my beach glass-strewn living room floor, to the college roommate from 1982 who talked long distance with me yesterday for 2 hours, to the almost daily "how was your day?" of my 15- year-strong spiritual sister, the self esteem meter is thankfully kept in visible range.
With the world as it is, the feminine energy of love and nurturing and compassion, mixed well with a dash of sass, is the antidote we women need to keep our precious souls inflated. Never underestimate girl power. Never underestimate the alchemy of female friendship. Never underestimate the ability of women to help us defy gravity.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun girls' night out! :) Friendship among females is indeed a good and powerful force.

  2. I miss the company of my women friends..everything is just so busy..specially for them..

  3. I absolutely wouldn't survive without my girls nights out. They are a regular staple in my diet!!!
    Movies, coffee, dinner...we simply get out whenever we can for laughing and talking and venting and shopping. That's what girls are for!!!
    Perhaps one fine day in the future we shall do all that in our favourite Marrakesh!! Wowee! Shopping for sure!


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