Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tibetan Prayer Flags

Recently, I hung a string of 25 Tibetan prayer flags in my stairwell. The red, blue, yellow, white and green paper flags welcome me back into the fold of my nest and remind me that life is sacred. They remind me that my thoughts are prayers and that "Lungta" the Windhorse, stamped in gold on each of the squares, is there to carry my prayers to the Universe. Let my prayers be positive. Let my prayers uplift. Let the foundation of my prayers be gratitude.
You who read these words, may you allow your most fervent prayer to manifest in your life.
May you be the hands that grant another their most fervent prayer.
May you be witness to one miracle everyday.
May you allow grace to super cede karma.
May you honor your body as the house of your soul.
May you forgive in order to live more freely.
May you find the strength to say what needs to be said.
May you find peace in uncertainty.
May you be grateful for where you are right now.
May you allow yourself to be loved.
May you fly.


  1. Lovely thoughts, Graciel. :)

  2. Anonymous7/15/2008

    I've been drawn to prayer flags for some time now, but didn't know what they meant. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. This is lovely Graciel...such a beautiful blessing.

    ...and blessings to you for all the sacred and soulful words you share here...I always feel touched and renewed when I visit.

  4. Anonymous7/16/2008

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  5. Graciel, I recently took my prayer flag down after two years of its flapping in the breeze off my back porch, only because the flags had faded to a uniform color in the western glare.

    I read that if one hangs them in the breeze, the prayers go out like intentions in the Catholic church (kind of); I liked that and miss having them there. Now that I've read your post, I can see I'm going to have to hang more.

    And hello; I told you I'd visit and now I have. I like what I see here. :)


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