Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Secret To Love

Love is everywhere. Love is available at all times. Love is what everything and everyone seeks, needs and lives for. But there is a secret to love. A secret to bathing in its effervescent glow. A secret that answers all yearnings and whinings and pinings for love. What is this secret, you say? What is this secret that grants full access to the bath? Get out your pen. The one with indelible ink. Write these words in the palm of your hand:
In order to receive love, you must first give it.
Simple. True. Non-negotiable. And now, here's the second part of the secret. You must give it without expectation of it being returned. You must willingly, and with your whole heart give it. No conditions. No clutching. No wimpy vibes. You must pour it forth from the four-chambered house inside your being, the house where God dwells.
Oh, and there's a third part to this secret. Keep your pen handy.
Be open, so very open you think you might die of exposure, to that energy of love coming back to you from unexpected sources. Unexpected people, representatives of Mother Nature and especially the invisible realms.
Love requires bravery. Courage. Fearlessness. Love requires a strict adherence to your own instincts, particularly in the face of nay-Sayers, doubters and those who wear cranky pants on an all-too-regular basis.
The secret, again, to love? Just give it. Give it. Give it. Give it. I promise it will come back to you in ways and means and wonder you could not have begun to imagine when you first and simply opened your heart.
{"Lovers", by Judy Wise. Up for sale at Isn't it beautiful?!}

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  1. sugarfreeseer7/24/2008

    Oh, yes Sister it comes back to you in "MF Unbelieveable" ways, and it was all worth it, wasn't it!
    Grace and Love always go together, that's what you are here to remind us of. Thanks for Being.


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