Wednesday, June 11, 2008

5 Pieces Of Advice

My favorite Preacher is at it again. Dispensing invaluable advice. This time to graduating highschoolers in a lucky town in Texas. Read his words, print them out, and tuck them away for emergencies. Or daily reminders of how to live.

From David Barry Weber and his blog,

"5 Pieces of Advice You Didn’t Ask Me For, Didn’t Know You Needed, and Can Dump the Moment You Leave Here, or..

You can kind of listen to them, stick them in a drawer somewhere, run across them someday, and then say, “hmmm..who was the guy that said these really good things?”
Our Town, TX, June 6, 2008

1. Never stop asking questions. Be curious, be amazed, daydream, get lost on purpose, and wonder “Why?” every chance you get.

2. Live in love, not fear. Those are your only two choices. Hold onto someone’s hand during the scary parts, and respect rattlesnakes, angry people, and tornados. But don’t let anyone or anything make you so frightened that you live a half life.

3. Look around right now. Now is where we live. Now is where we are breathing, sitting, and experiencing. You can throw Now away by regretting yesterday, or feeling anxious about tomorrow. Or you can be alive- right now. Now is the Main Thing. In a little while, it will be something else.

4. Make your circles bigger. Discover that those people at the edges are really interesting! Go out of your way to meet someone who is a different race, speaks a different language, who is lost, or afraid, is younger/older, richer/poorer, attractive/repulsive. Then listen. Ask those questions! See the world in colors you haven’t seen yet!

5. Realize- know, believe, understand, and accept- that YOU are a vital part of God’s Continuing Creation. We’re not here to take, we are here to give. Takers rarely experience happiness. Givers are swimming in it. Give God a kiss every day- our human survival depends on it!"
{ that's my favorite!}


  1. " Mahal Kita "

    means "I love you" in my language.

    Now you can check number 4 :>

  2. Hello just found your blog,... it's lovely... and I so so so so LOVE these thoughts!! Thank you for cheering my day, I feel like someone just wrapped their arms around me!!
    :) :) I just love no. 5!


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