Sunday, April 16, 2006

We Are One

On Friday April 21st, I leave for Germany. My mother and me are taking a 2 week journey back to her homeland. We will begin in Berlin and end in her hometown of Husum, by the North Sea. I'm anxious to see the architecture and the art, the flowering trees and the sheep. But mostly I'm anxious to see the faces of the relatives I've met only a scant few times.

It won't matter that I haven't learned German by now, or they, English. Sign language and smiles, big gestures and laughs will bond us. And we will bond over the basic human desires that exist in each of us. The need for love, the need to matter, the need for compassion given and received, the need for kindness. The need to simply be accepted for who God made us to be.

We are all one at heart. In need of the very same things, even if we are numb to and in denial of those needs. Love, of course, is our greatest collective need, because love is our emotional oxygen. Along with my German dictionary, it will be the most important thing I pack for my journey.

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