Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Berlin Wall

Yesteday,after much ado and endless walking to the very edge of our tourist map, my interpreter, the Pope and me came upon the largest remaining section of the Berlin Wall. It is covered with street-art and preserved as an art gallery. I wanted to see it, to touch it, to engage the concept of what this barrier was like. It is certainly tall. Perhaps 12 feet. Fascinating and repelling all at once. It is a true symbol of the human mind when it works against itself by engaging fear instead of love as a means of protection.

I wanted to see this example of the mind-gone-wrong to remind myself of how absurd it is to build walls in any aspect of my life. So little good comes from that fear-filled effort. I did the tourist-trap thing and bought a small chunk of the wall to hold in my hand the next time my mind insists I need to strengthen one of my personal walls against the world. I want to tell myself before a wall goes up or gets another layer how withering that decision will be. I want to remember the Berlin Wall and choose differently. Choose love instead of fear, choose to welcome people and opportunities instead of shutting them out.

I will post my digital journal of the wall upon my return home.

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