Friday, April 07, 2006

The Prayer Shawl

Every day we have a chance to minister unto each other, to support each other, to love each other.

Today I was extraordinarily moved by a friend at work, Lynn, who took the time to knit a prayer shawl for our mutual friend and co-worker, Margie. Margie's husband, David, has a rare form of cancer. He recently endured his first round of treatment. And Lynn, bless her heart, has given Margie's friends a way to actively participate in the healing.

Lynn folded the shawl into a cushiony square and tied it with a big ribbon. She typed up sample prayers and invited all who wished to, the opportunity to hold the shawl and instill thier energy of love and prayers into the yarn. She also had a greeting card for all to sign who prayed over the shawl, so Margie and David would know.

I was blessed to be the first to clutch the petal-soft shawl to my heart and ask for David's highest possible, best, mosting loving and healthiest good. Had I not been at work, I would have gushed tears. Lynn's energy was already strong in the fibers.

This is what Lynn wrote to accompany the shawl:

"This shawl has been knitted for Margie, David and Ashley as they go through a most difficult time in their lives. My prayer has been for healing and wholeness of their bodies, minds and spirits. I hope you will hold this gently and quietly and let your prayers enter into the fibers of the shawl, that when it is worn, they may feel the love and comfort of thier friends, and, especially their good and most gracious God."

This is so right. This is so right.

Prayer and love are profound. And this is such a beautiful, communal way to express it. Participating in this sacred gesture was for me, a moment of grace.

Blessings for Lynn and blessings for Margie, David and Ashley.

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