Saturday, April 01, 2006

In Praise of Trees

Within nature lies the cure for everything~ be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

The therapists, doctors and shamans of the natural world are surely the trees. If you need to be cured on any level, seek the trees. The older the tree, the better. There you will find a wealth of stored energy.

They speak to you. They have names and voices and wisdom. They have senses of humor. They are sentient. They are aware.

To hear the trees, to feel their ample healing energy, you must approach them with reverence and an open heart. If you lean against them and still your mind, you will feel the subtle, gentle energy seep into your body. You will feel an unmistakable calming. You will likely sigh with relief. If your heart is truly open, you will even feel an energy that is akin to acceptance, to love.

When we allow the energy of a tree to enter ourselves, our hearts become more receptive to the available healing energies of the Universe. We move forward in our quest to heal as if we have a nurturing presence at our sides for support. And we do.

Willows are wonderful for relieving depression. Hickory trees will precipitate healing on all levels, so be prepared for your world to tilt. Oak trees will give you strength to face what must be faced. Beech trees will bestow a sense of humor. Elder members of the evergreen family will impart a sense of deep calm.

Trees not only provide the refined air we breathe, they provide wellness and support to those who dare to believe. Maintain your sanity, hug a tree.

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