Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Pope is Pouting

Our dear Innocent the 3rd is pouting. It seems my interpreter and me screwed up on the Egyptian Museum visit for today. It is postponed until Tuesday, due to the unforseen fact that the silly museum was not where the guide books said it was. Hopefully our love-sick Pope will survive until then.

Today we sat atop a double decker bus and toured the diverse city of Berlin. It is a city in flux, moving forward and rebuilding itself. We learned that 75% of the city was reduced to rubble during WW2. The recovery seems amazing and still continues. Due to the clean-slate, this city is teeming with modern architecture. Some is fascinating, some leaves you with narry a warm fuzzy. But everything is interesting.

We saw what little remains of the Berlin Wall. It seems incredible it ever existed. The Eastern section is perhaps the most stark with a bit of a ways to go before it evokes beauty. As someone said today, Berlin is a city not content to just be, but to become.

On a mundane and happy note, our Hotel serves a buffet breakfast every morning. Wonderful breads and meats and Brie cheese. Soft boiled eggs and fresh fruit and cereals. Juices and pickles and yogurts. The most delightful aspect of the Frühstuck is the black tea served in white Rosenthal teacups from white Rosenthal teapots. No miniature, default metal teapots found in most American eateries. Here we have simple elegance. The way tea is meant to be served.

And by the way, Sponge Bob Square Pants speaks fluent German. :)

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