Friday, June 22, 2012

Wedding Flowers of June

blue dendrobium orchid,
purple calla lily,
ivory rose and foliage
teardrop bridal bouquet

blue dendrobium orchid,
white and ivory rose
bridesmaid bouquet

white stock, peach and coral roses,
coral spray roses with israeli ruscus
bridal bouquet

white stock, peach, coral and white roses,
with israeli ruscus bridesmaid bouquet

pink peonies, white alstromeria, white stock and roses
with lemon leaves bridal bouquet

purple stock, pink and white roses, pink peonies
with lemon leaves bridesmaids' bouquets

medium white calla lilies
with isreali ruscus bridal bouquet

...a little sampling of a very busy month.


  1. You do wonderful work, Graciel. They are all so beautiful.

  2. these are absolutely gorgeous, but you know what? i went back through this post, and just read the words out loud and the words are pretty wonderful also. all around beauty.


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  4. David Clark8/20/2012

    beautiful flowers!

  5. Wow, I really love the flowers. My favorite is the peach flowers bouquet. Thanks for sharing, this gives us more ideas.

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