Sunday, June 17, 2012

At last and unexpectedly

From January 20th, 2012~

"I'm waiting for my owl. I see owls everywhere; on place mats, greeting cards, sleepwear, statues. But in this rare season of irruption from the arctic fringes, I am waiting for the real thing. I am waiting for the snowy owl.

I drive by farms and fields, head swiveling side to side ( a likely danger on the roads), scanning the rooftops and telephone poles for a burst of white feathers. As yet, I have no glimpse of the prize. And I may not be graced with a sighting before the weather turns and the owls head back to the tundra.

I will wait and I will keep my heart open with expectant gratitude, for the snowy owl already lives inside me. As an omen, he is only good. He is the call for patience and waiting for beneficial things to come into view. He is not about wasting energy, but about carefully preparing the self, inside and out, for taking advantage of opportunity the moment it arrives. In the light and in the dark. 

Timing is everything, says the owl, as is well-honed skill. There is no need for intimidation or wasteful nervous bluster. Go about your business, but pay attention. Your time will most definitely arrive. When it comes, act. Act from strength and the courage of having quietly developed your offerings. Let your inner wisdom come forth and shift your life. Be who you must be."
At last and unexpectedly, he arrived; the snowy owl on the cusp of summer. 6 months after I called to him, and almost, almost overlooked. But, just as his medicine implies, when the time is right, when we are internally ready, what we conjure alights in our lives~ usually in a form we did not expect.

He is the quietest member of a wildlife refuge, garnering no attention until the crowds moved on towards the end of the day. Suddenly, there he was sitting in repose on the floor of his enclosure, announcing to me his wisdom~ stay quiet and alert. Let the crowds pass by. What you seek will reveal itself in the silence of happy moments. Stay alert. 
When you are ready, wishes come true.
 If it hasn't come true, you are not ready.


  1. big, big smile for you.

  2. i almost cried. okay, i admit it, i kinda did cry. soooooo wonderful!!

  3. That photo might just be one of the MOST beautiful things I have ever seen!!!

    And knowing it's significance for you....well...just makes it all the more incredibly special.


  4. A very Zen-iffic visit to the mysteries of the snow owl:)

  5. Anonymous6/19/2012

    i was driving to banning,ca and i saw something n the road in front of me.. it looked like a white owl or a plastic bag..??.. but wen i drove over it/came up on it .. it didnt fly away.. which to me was weird whether it was a plastic bag or an owl.. it should have moved.. so i really think it was an owl.. but i just dont understand why it didnt fly away when i was coming towards it? i couldnt swerve to miss going over it.. but wen i looked in my mirror.. it didnt look like i had hit it and i actually didnt see it at all?? my basic question is, wat does it mean to see an owl in the road in front of me while im driving and it doesnt fly away? 8krystle8

  6. 8krystle8~

    that owl, or just the idea that you thought it was an owl that did not get out of your way means it's message was steadfast. no wavering. if you thought it was a snowy owl, then go about the business of your life and know without fail what your heart has been asking for WILL arrive the moment you are ready for it. wait for it, yet live your life as fully as possible. it's coming.


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