Monday, June 18, 2012

Hawk Creek Wildlife Sanctuary

great horned owl


 barred owl

barn owl

baby barn owl

alfalfa the dancing porcupine~ self choreographed
"who cares about the lazy foxes, he says,
 i'm the real entertainer"...

Hawk Creek Wildlife Sanctuary
3 legged otter, serval, lynx, bobcat,ocelot, fox,
 golden eagles, parrots, bouncing hornbill, condor
owls, vultures, hawks, falcons, snakes, et all.
Eat Aurora, New York


  1. Great pictures, Graciel. They are all such majestic birds! Alfalfa is cute! :-)

  2. love these photos... that baby barn owl made me smile. i hope you had a most wonderful day with them all.


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