Monday, June 04, 2012

Rainbow Soup

Because a mostly tear-filled weekend ended with a double rainbow, on the heels of a full moon/eclipse that promised to usher in a change of ways and being, I left my home early today, grocery list in hand. I returned with chicken, brown rice and vegetables (and bay leaves, because not surprisingly, upon inspection the jar in my cupboard had expired 11 years ago). I donned my favorite vintage apron, the one with the blue cat on the singular pocket, and I began channeling my not-so-long-deceased Grandmother. Together we made soup for my Mother.

Shockingly, it was delicious.

Let the culinary games begin.

{THIS is what it's all about.}


  1. perfect. just add a dash of rainbow.


  2. Graciel I have not stopped by in a while. I don't really have any brilliant words to say. I always find hope in rainbows and love is the best medicine that I know. Blessings to you and your mom.

  3. I am not at all shocked that it was delicious. Made with love and tears, how could it be anything but?
    Sending you hugs and hugs and more hugs.


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