Monday, June 11, 2012

unannounced and potent

northern oriole
{straight out of the camera/true colors}

yesterday, there were 6. 5 living, 1 not. 2 grace my backyard~ singing from prominent perches, dipping their beaks in the jelly jar, sparking sunshine off liquid feathers as the day's rays descend. they are everywhere for me this spring, like never before.

they are the promise that balance is always present, if we have but eyes and heart to see. they are solace and reward for the daily task of letting go. i am in tune with their oriole gifts of sunshine and relation, most eagerly the relation of the secret-side of self.

it is the large thrills that are unsustainable and leave me depleted in their wake. it is the small ones, those little thrills that come to me over and over, unannounced and potent, that sustain me through the nights.


  1. i passed a bird on the side of the road this evening - dying, its wings flapping in the hot sun. i passed it, only seeing as i went by, but i thought of you, and turned back around. it took only 30 seconds, but it had breathed its last breath by the time i got back.

    and still i thought of you and thought of my mother and i just let it be. it was done. it was over. i cried the rest of the way home.

    this is what i needed to read tonight.


  2. Such beautiful hues. I also believe in the strength and beauty of small things:)

  3. i read this the other day, a few days after I had seen an oriole for the first time in years on my run...

    you are so right, it is always the little thrills, the little bits of beauty that keep us going.

    orange is following this year.

    and you won't be surprised that red poppies are everywhere in my garden just now, and i am loving them.

    sending you hugs and wishes for a weekend filled with tiny thrills.



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