Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the art installation

in the spirit of removing falseness from my life, the vile and crappy fake paneling i have lived with in this rented home was spontaneously ripped off the walls the other day. my bare-handed wonder friend, lisa, ripped all the paneling off. i broke it up and carried it, piece by piece, out the door.

what was left? 3 layers of seedy wallpaper, dried splotches and drips of coffee that had been thrown at the wall and streaks of brown goo that had held the offending paneling in place.

good enough.

the vacuum came out, the furniture was replaced, the orchard ladder went back on the wall, and fairy lights were re-strung.

it feels like living in an art installation.

only 2 spare things will grace the ladder while i ponder the wall's next attire. 2 little works of art from 2 soul-filled women who sent messages to me in  the mail~ messages to fly and live in my truth.

thank you, kelly letky, for the original photo of my favorite great blue heron.
thank you, christine mason miller, for the oracle card you painted and picked just for me.

thank you, most of all, to lisa. because true friends help to banish the false and expose the beauty with in. brown stains and all. 

{For Bella~ and her weekly art installation called 52 Photos Project. "Twinkling Lights." }


  1. (may be a duplicate) ~ Quite the transformation ~ excellent photo for 52 ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. your writing is also such a piece of art. I have enjoyed being here with you. I will return. I adore your photo too! I am a huge fan of chippy, peely, rusty and dusty! (I also collect old wooden ladders)

  3. love it! you are off on a new lifestyle adventure . . . and your photo story is great!

  4. Anonymous11/30/2011

    nice idea, thanks for sharing..

  5. I loved reading your words, seeing your view! so glad you shared!

  6. I love it so much!!

  7. The twinkling lights really liven the place up. Champagne, anyone?

  8. May you enjoy those lights while you dream up your new walls. xo

  9. ha, i love it! :)
    the quote goes perfectly with the photo that both go perfectly with the wall.
    when i bought my house, some 27 years ago, fake paneling was everywhere...what were they thinking?
    you are shedding your skin, starting from scratch, being reborn, and it's wonderful!


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