Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Soul In Bloom~ winter issue 2011/2012

Having set out earlier in the year to create and publish 4 seasonal keepsake magazines, today I release the 4th issue to the winds. The Soul In Bloom winter issue is done and ready for purchase. I admit to being just a bit proud of myself for finishing this personal challenge. It was larger for me than you know.

The winter issue is not about the holidays. It is about the call of the season of rest to honor the Self. It is about the great need for each of us to care for ourselves, madly and deeply, as the only true path to changing the ills of the world and improving the quality of our individual lives.

As with the other 3 magazines in this collection, all the essays, poems and photographs are my original work. To celebrate my accomplished goal of putting my heart out into the world 4 times over, all 4 magazines are $2 less per issue through December 31st. $14.95 each becomes $12.95 each.

Thank you to everyone, absolutely everyone, who encouraged me this year, bought a copy (sometimes multiples!) and gave me the most heartwarming feedback I could never have imagined. I created these magazines because we all need to know how glorious we are, we all need to know we are miracles.

To purchase a copy of the winter issue or any of the other 3, go HERE to sign up.

Thank you to the moon and back to Kelly Letky of The Blue Muse for her graphic design and publishing software savvy.  Without her, my dream would not have come true.

{And the little guy with the snow shovel on the cover? That's my Dad at age 3.}


  1. this is quite an accomplishment! i'm very proud of you and am heading over right now to get my hands on all that winter loveliness!

  2. Congratulations on accomplishing your goal and doing it so very beautifully! I have loved every issue and can't wait to get the new one.

  3. Utterly FANTASTIC!


    And cannot wait to receive my latest copy. (I actually save each arriving issue for the just the 'right' time of unveiling. And then they proudly take their place on my altar.)

    My life is better because of you Dear Kindred. :)

  4. I am so glad you decided to do this, these magazines are treasures, little gems of soul and wisdom.
    I love them all.


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