Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i will take flowers with me

hand tied bridal bouquet~ 2011
green orchids and dark plum mini calla lilies

cascading bridal bouquet~ 2011
star gazer lilies, roses, and mini callas

From this year into next, I will take flowers with me.
Because my soul can't live without them.

But I will leave behind the exhaustion of designing only
what everyone else needs me to design.

In the coming year, I will discover new ways
to make flowers my own.

For Bella~ leave it behind in 2011 and welcome it in 2012

The Soul In Bloom~ Home Edition
*online course and 1 day retreat*
Week 3~ learn floral design 101!
Starts February 25th, 2012


  1. yay! flowers and flowers and more flowers. yes.

  2. sounds like a good plan you have. follow your heart. happy new year!

  3. You'll get so much more satisfaction from doing it your own way. I love your flowers.

  4. These are beautiful...a perfect representation of your soul! Here's to a wonderful new year for us all...full of magic & wonder!

  5. Those are absolutely stunning AND I am so glad to hear of your intention to do more of what nurtures you.
    May 2012 fill all of our souls in the most nourishing way.

  6. Beautiful! Such lovely, wondrous intentions. Happy New Year!


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