Friday, December 23, 2011

you are the sun

there is rain, no snow.
there is spanish renaissance music, softly.
there is a string of white lights snaking,
drooping along the wall.
the christmas altar is up~ 
walnut mice with felt ears, tiny tinsel tree.
  white candles are lit.
there is tea. 

christmas is here;
carved out of the whirlwind, the obligations.
it is here in the 47 minutes of peace and soft glow.
it is here in the meditative mind that comes
naturally when the world is put aside.

in that mind, the myth of the season has relevance, has a lesson.
let unto you be born a savior

that savior is yourself.
it is the mind-set you hold, the thoughts you think,
the actions you take or not in regards 
to honoring your sacred self.

give birth to better thoughts about your own worth.
stand up for yourself. make waves. advocate.
let the mythical star lead you to your own adoration.

know your value.
live your value.
you are the sun.
and the savior of yourself.


  1. i LOVE this. And you.

    Happy Christmas, wishing you smiles and joy and peace.

  2. wow! YOU are the sun and radiating all over the place. and i am not slapping on sunscreen.



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