Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

She's always around, even when I am not paying attention. Sometimes, in the form of the postcard perched on the frame at the end of my hallway, she mysteriously floats to the ground, of her own accord, and lands in my path. She reminds me to remember her and her timing is always flawless. Then, today. I check the calendar to see when her feast day is~ Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12th, it says. I make note of it and wander away.

15 minutes later, I am passing through the hall again and for the first time ever, it is not the postcard, but the prayer card of Our Lady that is laying in my path.

I am here, she says.

And she is.

She. Our Lady. The Blessed Mother. Virgin Mary. Mary. Mystical Rose. The Western Goddess. Goddess of Compassion. The Great Mother. Friend.

Hear her prayer:  Much of what you are being told is untrue. Do not look to forces outside yourself for answers and the way. You already know the way. And if you think you don't, you will know who to ask for the truth and they will remind you.

A time is coming when what was held as truth will be revealed as false. There will be resistance and there will be chaos. There will be endings. But know that you know what is true and do not doubt your own wisdom. It will carry you through everything, unscathed.

Be kind to yourself.  Make taking care of your own needs your first priority. Do not mistake this for selfishness. It is the opposite. If you can consistently meet your own needs, you are then able to act, with love, on the behalf of others. More love is needed. Self-care is what brings more love to light. Do your part and bring it.

Trust yourself. Mother yourself. Feast on this glorious life.


  1. Yesterday. Rumbling down the street. A truck pulling a flatbed trailer with railings, covered with paper flowers, crosses and images/paintings of The Virgin. i had no idea why or what it was for, but loved it, thought perhaps it would be filled with hay for a hayride were it not for The Virgin's face everywhere. Now I know - I should've realized. A celebration in the works.

    :) Wonderful!

  2. I should have come to read this yesterday, but apparently, I knew. Because that is just what I did. All day yesterday, for the first time in months, I took care of myself. I had a "do whatever you feel like doing" day. And it was wonderful.


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