Monday, November 21, 2011

the way of things

the way of things came to my window. and i looked in its eyes, living and dead. the red tail hawk, announced by blue jays,was  level with me on its perch. messenger of life-purpose and fruition, it arrived to confirm just that, and it stayed longer than i could have hoped.

looking to the grass below the tree, i saw why i was afforded such grace. a squirrel. likely the one i had seen out the back window, now dead out the front. the hawk never found safe passage to the lawn to claim its meal. spooked, it flew across the way to the tallest pine. i waited, curtains pulled back, but the bustle on the road forfeited the prize. i carried the prize by its tail, limp body bobbing to the rhythm of my walk, and laid it under the pine. come dark, the owl will be hungry.

back to the window and in pulled the truck of the man who lives below. she was gutted and dead in its bed. i went to look at her eye. it took only 10 yards for her to drop, he said. unlike the 2 bucks that did not drop and left blood trails to no where. i did not mask my wince and my whine, but refrained from unfavorable comment. i threw prayers up to the sky for the one in the bed and the 2 that leaked blood through the leaves. i could feel her fear and anguish rise from her body and crawl over my skin.

i went back up to the window, as this is the way of things.


  1. yesterday i watched a red tailed hawk dive into a flock of pigeons - the way of things. there is a coyote in our neighborhood - the way of things. skye cat brings in mice and that one snake and lizards aplenty and looks for them when i take them away. the way of things.

    the owl will bless you. that, too, is the way of things.


  2. oh.

    how incredibly poignant and moving.

    bless you dear kindred.


  3. I spent the day with my mom, and we talked about the way of things. there is no escaping the way of things, there is only resisting or embracing. i gave her a hug.

    hope you had a thanksgiving filled with love and smiles.


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