Sunday, November 13, 2011

simpler times

let these be simpler times.
let the heart spin with the clockwise tide.
let the ground be firm and nourishing.

like the bones of the trees revealed,
soul is dancing forward,
fresh and formed in the waning light;
a silhouette of possibility.

like the leaf mush begging for snow
to bury what has been,
 molecular magic will break life down
to the essential and the good.

in these, the simpler times.


  1. all year, i have been looking forward to simpler times. just now i am embracing the chaos, somehow knowing they will come.

  2. Nerisha11/17/2011


    I googled owl sightings and came across your blog, very interesting to say the least.

    Last night on the way to the airport to fetch my husband, in the middle of the road was an owl just sitting there - it only flew away after i got really close to it.

    On my return from the airport on the very same road, i saw 3 more owls - that only moved once i got very close. The last one however seemed to look directly at us before flying away. I'm not sure why but a very bad, heavy feeling came over me.

    Please could you help me understand what it means? I've never had owl encounters before.

    Thank you so much

  3. Hello dear,

    Hope things are fine in a simple way. Love this shot.
    Have a great sunday my friend.
    Hugs D.


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