Tuesday, November 08, 2011

fullness in nothingness

i don't know what is happening. excess and waste are appalling me. i crave simplicity and clean lines. clear understanding. fullness in nothingness. my words are sparse. long essays, gone.

i have bought nothing. nothing but food and four dollar magazines. gasoline. herbal supplements. allergy sensitive cat food. rose petal tea. just the bare basics.

i don't know what is happening. i want to, need to be outside. all the time. i stand on the loading dock at lunch time with the smokers just to feel the sun on my face. i wear hiking boots everyday; fashion is out the window. except scarves. i wear scarves. they are my uniform. i don't know if they are in fashion. it doesn't matter. if they don't look good with hiking boots it doesn't matter.

birds and horses and cats and moving water. and taking photographs. hundreds and hundreds of photographs. in a week. like a crazy person. but i am not. these are the obsessions that rise as simplicity informs my days. no, demands my days. i don't know what is happening.


the less i have, want, get~ the more of me i find. in the fullness of nothingness.


  1. I can't even guess what is happening, but I do know I want to capture fall/autumn in my camera lens because to soon it will be bleak and I will be searching for the color and the light.

  2. the more you know, the less you need. an aboriginal saying. truth.


  3. I am nodding & smiling si slight, & knowing, you'd think I was from Maine.
    Thanks. I love this.

  4. I will re-read this over and over. Thank you

  5. Wow, so incredibly poetic and beautiful. I feel the same "the less i have, want, get - the more of me i find". Thank you!


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