Thursday, June 16, 2011

zoo therapy

For our mother-daughter mental health day,
she wore her shirt with the giraffes on it.
And she cried happy tears just to see them.


  1. Somehow your blog address was edited out of my list and I just found you again! I think it happened when I had to have my computer worked on and when I got it back, some things were rearranged/missing. I just scrolled through your photos; love them!

  2. a woman with her priorities straight, who knows what things are worth crying over.


  3. sheesh, that just brought tears to my eyes. xoxo

  4. They are beautiful animals. :)

  5. Hi there my friend. How are you. Did you (and your mom) find your way back home again? Love to see and read about your trip to Germany. And I hope you hold warm memories. Untill next time my far away friend. We will set a date....
    Hugs Dagmar


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