Friday, June 24, 2011

the god of yellow

I pray to the god of yellow. It is my least favorite god. We have avoided each other for a lifetime. But now, right now, this god and only this god can save me. From myself.

The yellow god is instructing me on the ways and means of personal power and the un-importance of gaining approval from outside sources. It is assisting me in making firm decisions on pivotal issues. It is teaching me how to be my own sun.

The god of yellow is a warrior. I have been a servant, serving myself least of all. But the sword of self-empowerment is being fitted to my grip. Inscribed on the handle of the yellow sword are the words, "Know thyself without shame".

I carry yellow and I wear yellow and I tape its vibration to my walls. I visualize myself infused with the radiance of ripe lemons. In that citrus glow, esteem rises, things get done and the sword of the god of yellow feels light in my hands.

{Yellow snuck its way into the summer edition of The Soul In Bloom. The god is quite pleased and proud.}     


  1. And well the god should be pleased because it will bring much joy and happiness your way. You know you deserve it too. May the yellow infuse you with a warm glow and surround you with great JOY. Yellow, my favorite of all colors.

    Next week you will see my June house. I had to finish my travel series first.

  2. A big old WOOOOOHOOOO to you!

  3. It sounds like we are on a similar path and it only took me 60 years to get here and realize that I needed to put myself on my own "to do" list!
    Nurture yourself first and enjoy!
    Tina xo

  4. it is hard and scary to not need the approval of outside sources. to not need! to not need is different than to not listen, or not want, or not wish. to not need does not mean there will be no tears.

    but oh! it is freedom. and what a dance if we don't need their approval and they don't need ours. what a magnificent dance.



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