Saturday, June 04, 2011


i confess.
i like the rain.
i love the rain.
in spring, in summer.
especially in summer
with the added peace and thrill of thunder mumbling through.
the flashes of light that split the sky, they too,
bring a sharp sense of peace that
grounds me and lifts me at once.

it is the patter of rain,
with its uneven pallor and distant scent of the lake,
that gives me permission, like little else can,
to sink gloriously, lavishly
into the secret caverns of my soul
where everything makes sense
and life in its sweet purity can be lived.

because tucked into a dry space,
porch-vast or umbrella-small,
just on the edge of the drops,
shoe-tips spattered with wet, shins still dry,
safe yet almost not,
there does joy overtake me.

there, yes there~
i am.


  1. oh, me too. although i like it to eventually stop. i like a covered porch where i can put my feet up and feel cocooned.


  2. I love it, too! i totally agree.

  3. oh gosh what a dilemma... the way you see the rain is almost inviting...I will try to see it like this....I will try....we get so much never stops..I think we are the wettest county in England....I will try you are my inspiration ...
    Hugs Lynn xxxx
    M'mmm it is raining now

  4. nicely expressed my friend. rain gets such a bad rap and you've beautifully explored her good side.

    and i love love love that motel sign!

  5. I get this. SO many things to love about all types of rain.

    That photo is hilarious!

    Beautiful post, dear kindred.

  6. You would love Portland, Oregon if you love the rain. We get lots of it.

    Oh, I missed May for the houses. But I am off to make one for June. I will keep you posted.

  7. oh, i love that feeling, and i love the way you wrote this, just perfect.
    i especially love a good rain when i have a god book to keep me company.

  8. You wrote this so beautifully! I love rain too :)

  9. Anonymous6/13/2011


    I have been waiting for another post on your magazine so I can rave about it.

    What a gift it is! I read a verse nearly every day, and the photography is inspiring.

    I look forward to the next issue.

    Thank you,

    Cathy McDonald

  10. Dear Cathy,

    Thank you so very much for your generous words. Your timing is spot on. The summer issue of my magazine is now complete. I send for a proof this week and if all goes as planned, next week the magazine will be ready for sale.

    I really, really hope you like it. Can I say I like it even better than the first one?

    Thanks again for your kindness, Cathy.

    xo, Graciel


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