Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raising the Stakes

Good bye, Neil. Good bye, Sir Elton. Farewell, Hot Tuna. Janis. David. Stephen. Graham. It's time to shift out of neutral and you're all taking up valuable space. I know, I know, we spent years in each others company. You all fed my soul when it was starving. And I've hung on, out of gratitude and sentimentality, but it's time. Forgive me. This is good bye.

It's not that technology left you all quickly in the dust. I still have the means to access your magic. I still know how to sift through songs on fast-forward. But I don't.You know it's been years since I have. And that drawer you all live in? It's being re-purposed. Because, you see, I'm raising the stakes. I'm envisioning freshness, I'm leaning towards passion, I'm putting up with less bullshit and I need your drawer. It's part of my plan to purge the staleness and sameness and servant's attitude out of my valuable life. I hope you understand.

No, no you did not see me stash those bootleg cassettes in a secret corner. I promise, I swear Jerry and Bobby and Phil are headed out the door right behind you all. They're as good as dead. (No, that is NOT smoke you smell. My pants are NOT on fire.) Yet.

I tell you, I'm lifting and lightening. I'm going to let the (freak) flag fly. It's what you taught me to do, all those years ago.
Forgive me.

I'm burning it down to raise it back up.


  1. i've come here 3 times, searching for some deep, insightful - lol! - comment, and i have none. This line - "I'm putting up with less bullshit and I need your drawer" - strikes me as perfect. I love the space you are making for newness.


    ps - my word verification is a word. it says equals. your blog seems the perfect place for that.

  2. Anonymous6/27/2011

    Oh my! You're making me think about the box in my basement containing VINYL albums of some of the same artists, and more. I hate to part with them, although my chances of ever playing them on a turntable are slim to none (not to mention many are so scratched they likely wouldn't even play with a new needle!). I believe I may just have to take those artifacts to the dump!

    On another note, I just got the summer issue of Soul in Bloom in the mail today. Stunning! Whimsical! Inspiring! And that's just the photos! Can't wait to find some quiet time to spend with it. Thank you again for your gift of creativity.



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