Wednesday, June 29, 2011

stress management

with apologies to anyone within earshot of me,
 i can't seem to help myself.
stress management has taken on a life of its own. 

i can't stop swearing.

and it isn't the polite form of swearing in public
like,"oh, crap" and the occasional "dammit".
no, it's the drunken truck-driving sailor type.
the kind that can get me fired and
in a heap of trouble in an instant,
especially if mothers are easily offended.

i can't seem to help it.

i'm sorry.

but it feels really, really good.

it's hard to say if the amish were aghast
 at my mouth the other day.
but they should have been,
what with all  the profanity being spewed
every time i let the perfect photo dissolve into oblivion.

lisa, my amish-country companion,
seemed to appreciate my tirades of expletives,
even as she was advising me to swear more quietly,
lest we be barred from following the amish trail ever again.

all the swearing led to the laughing that completely
renewed our brains from the enhanced oxygen intake.

and any stress that either of us had felt for,
oh, the past year, was relieved.

so, forgive me. 

plug your ears.
in the world of stress management,
swearing is the new meditation.


  1. I think there must be something in the air. I have found my mouth a bit foul these days too. But I know for sure the laughing can relieve stress. I am happy that you had someone to laugh with.

  2. Oh hahaha!! If you only knew what things I say...

  3. i LOVE this!!! i am smiling THIS big! and not swearing for about the first time today. I am awful.


  4. sugarfreeseer6/29/2011

    Some days are so bad that people think I have Tourette Syndrome, let them think it, it keeps me sane and them still breathing! Blow open that throat chakra as you skip on down the Yellow Brick Road in your 'new' shoes!! ;)

  5. Elaine6/30/2011

    My friend - here's to hoping your stress level reduces every day. I have found that visiting 'our' kitties at the WC SPCA is a great stress reducer too. Went there yesterday and found I had been playing for almost 3 hours! Seemed like just a few minutes.

    Miss seeing you - sending you peaceful thoughts and love.

  6. Anonymous7/01/2011

    I have found myself really letting loose with the nasty swear words while driving lately.
    I figure no one hears me, and it makes me feel better, so why not?
    I think it IS a form a stress management, just not necessarily a pretty one. And sometimes, the heck with pretty!


  7. hahahahaha... laughing along with you. A little swearing never hurt anyone in my opinion. Sometimes those words are the only ones that fit.
    keep practicing that meditation!

  8. i am a huge fan of the potty mouth. :)


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