Monday, June 13, 2011

the iris are done blooming

It was a blue fleece and bare toes morning.
Rose petal tea and a bench in the backyard.
Cool for summer, perfect for me.
Dogs barking, school buses dieseling their last duties
before the kids are set free.

Cobalt skies. A breeze.
The drowsy squirrel who perched on the
edge of a broken limb to watch me and to bathe.
I waved and offered a blessing~
be safe, be warm, be fed.

The iris are done blooming,
and the robin's nest went undetected by crows,
leaving the little speckled breast to
race across rooftops twittering for food.

The raucous call of blue jays.
More squirrels, chasing each other on tip-toe
over the points of the picket fence.

The scent of June~sweet, earthy, satisfying.
And then,the red belly.
Laughing in flight between the trees,
pronouncing that all will be well
and all will be well.

And so, did goodness begin.


  1. A wonderful way for goodness to begin. It sounds like it will be a perfect day, enjoy!

  2. that's beautiful, Gracie :)

  3. such peace painted by your words. a perfect morning indeed.


  4. That was lovely, Graciel. :)

  5. and all will be well. i love these moments, communing with mother nature and her children, there is no better way to start a day.


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