Monday, March 14, 2011

the warmth will come

With winter quite reluctant to give up its rule,
I've had to make my own spring.
And like the season of spring,
there is uncertainty and change afoot. 

Yet seeds have been planted,
the warmth will come and
life will take on a fresh bloom.


  1. Ahh, beautiful photos. I love the pretty birds nests. Hope your Monday is going nicely. xxxxxxxxx

  2. It's lovely, Graciel. It is supposed to reach 60 degrees here later this week. Hurray! I'm so ready to welcome it here.

  3. It is coming it is!! Won't be long now.
    Colour will erupt shortly. Back to our regularly scheduled photographs containing LIFE.


  4. Please let it come soon xxxx
    Lynn xx

  5. Your basket of Spring is just beautiful! I just posted my March House today.

  6. It will, and thanks for that little preview. It made me smile.

  7. Gosh Graciel, your hands are gifted to make such beautiful flower arrangements.
    What a treath to watch.
    Hugs D.


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